Work: Course Final WGD205

The course project final was to build an ad for a client, copy supplied by instruction. All copy was required to be used. I actually submitted two versions, one with all the required text, the second with only the essential points from the text.

Project emphasis: date of opening. Project size: 8.5×11 portrait or landscape. Color: CMYK. Resolution: 300 dpi. Designed in Illustrator.

Original Version:


Second version


Grade: 200 points potential. 200 points achieved.

Work: Course Project IV Part Two WGD205

The print ad from the first part of this project needed to be translated into a banner advertisement with rollover.

Ad size: 970px by 250px (billboard). Color: RGB. Resolution: 72 dpi. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

First Page




Grade: 70 points possible for both portions. 70 points achieved.

Work: Course Project IV Part 1 for WGD205

Course project IV was developed in two parts. The first part, develop a print ad campaign that can translate into an interactive ad.

Print ad. One page. Size 8.5×11. Color: CMYK. Resolution: 300 dpi.


Grade: 70 points possible. 70 points achieved.

Work: Course Project III for WGD205

This project started in Week 5 with thumbnail sketches due for a mock website, 4 pages total, related to the business established by logo created in Course Project I. Finished pages due Week 6.

Composition size: 1024px by 768px. Color: RGB. Resolution: 72 dpi. Suggested pages: about us, contact us, services, gallery. I created a landing page, print gallery page, art gallery page and hire me page. All pages created within Adobe Illustrator.





Grade: 70 Total points available. 70 Points received.